Summer Infant 3D Lite Clear Cut

The Summer Infant 3D Lite is definitely one of the most popular travel strollers available.

We recently named it our best budget choice in our guide to the best travel strollers.

While this stroller is lightweight and budget friendly, you do give up a little bit in terms of quality.

But we think that for the price, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller, has most of the features you need in a travel stroller, and you don’t need to worry about pushing it to it’s limits.

Summer Infant 3D Lite Review Overview and First Impressions

The Summer Infant 3D Lite is a top contender in the umbrella stroller category, not to mention a strong one, having been designed with a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame.

With it’s simple and effortless fold-out design, you’ll be hauling the kids around with comfort and ease.

The wheels, as well, offer a sleek look without sacrificing performance, featuring anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels. Where other strollers, similar in build, might lack in overall functionality, the 3D Lite certainly doesn’t.

Compared with other leading products in the industry, some that are quite a bit more expensive, the Summer Infant has some surprising functions based on its price.

From it’s ability to recline to three different positions, to its roomy basket underneath, The Summer Infant 3D Lite stands well among the competition.

What we like:

  • Three different reclining positions
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Large storage basket
  • Sturdy rear-wheel locks
  • Cup-holder for Mom or Dad

What we don’t like:

  • Foot rest not adjustable
  • No window on canopy

Whether your needs dictate a small road trip or an extended tropical vacation, the Summer Infant 3D Lite could be the answer you’re looking for, as it’s great for traveling and storing.

At its incredibly wallet-friendly price it’s packing quite a punch, specifically when it comes to features and functionality.

No, it won’t replace your larger strollers, or your need for them, as it doesn’t handle rough terrain well. But smooth surfaces? Smooth sailing.

Indepth review of the features on the Summer Infant 3D Lite


The canopy on the 3D Lite is more than equipped to block out most harmful UVA and UVB Rays, all while being fully adjustable and extendable. It doesn’t, however, have a window to spy on your little youngster.


The wheel design on the Summer Infant is, perhaps, my favorite feature it has to offer. For parents in a hurry, the generous 6 inch wheels can be locked from swivel to forward only, eliminating any chance of the swivel wheels sliding out.

When snack-time comes, and it will, just press your foot down on the rear wheel locks and rest easy. The brakes will do the rest.

As far as all terrain travel goes with the Summer Infant, that’s a no go. It handles smooth surfaces comfortably and graciously, but don’t throw out your larger strollers just yet. For grassy or rocky surfaces, you’ll need them. The 3D Lite, like most pop-out strollers, just can’t tackle that kind of terrain.


Another impressive design element with the 3D Lite is the main component, the seat. The harness is comfortable but strong, putting parents fears of escape at ease.

The seat itself, also comfortable, can recline to 3 separate positions, allowing your little one the best possible angle for comfort. When a cranky 2 year old is throwing a tantrum, it won’t hurt to have multiple options to calm them.


The one doing all the work, the parents, should be able to push a stroller and all its cargo in the most ergonomic way. The handles on the 3D Lite allow just this.

A comfortable angle, paired with padded handles, allow even the most fragile of hands to handle this stroller easily without the fear of blisters or sweat. Not far from the handles you might be surprised to notice the 3D Lite comes with a detachable cup-holder. Perfect for Mom or Dad’s coffee, soda, or water bottle.

Weight & Size

The 3D Lite has its name for a reason, because it’s light! At an impressive weight of under 13 pounds, and figuring all it has to offer from large wheels to ample basket space, that’s pretty light-weight for such a product. Especially when you consider its carrying capacity of 50 pounds.

It could be the hidden gem you’ve been looking for, especially if hauling heavy objects isn’t your forte. The size, too, bares acknowledgment. Because it’s only 43 inches high, and angled proportionately, you won’t be nipping the back wheels with your feet, a feature we think every tall parent can appreciate.


Usually, when shopping for umbrella-style strollers, it’s common knowledge that storage space will have to be sacrificed. The convenience of fold-out strollers usually leaves little to no places to carry diaper bags, snacks, juice boxes, etc. This leaves Mom or Dad in a serious dilemma. Not with the 3D Lite it doesn’t.

The folks at Summer Infant considered this factor when producing the 3D Lite, which offers a large basket, located directly underneath the seat, to store anything you can think will fit. It’s worth noting that when the seat is fully reclined it reduces the storage capacity, but not substantially.


One of the most important factors in both the design and purchase of a new stroller is how well it gets around, the maneuverability. It is the strollers sole purpose to help parents get there young ones from point A to point B as conveniently as possible. The 3D Lite handles extremely well, turns with no problem, and the front wheels can be locked into 2 different modes, swivel and straight.


Common among desired needs of a stroller is how simple it can be packed up. The 3D Lite is easy to fold, even easier to open, and with its lightweight design and the included strap, carrying the 3D Lite is a breeze.

The 3D Lite folds easily with a three-step process. Just lift the rear handle, push the lever with your foot, and fold downward until it auto-locks. It also comes with a handy carrying strap, a must have for vacationers or even just the occasional day trippers.

What does everyone else say

According to several reputable companies selling the stroller, a quick check into their customer reviews confirmed we weren’t the only ones that thought the 3D Lite was worth the money.

Target gave the product a 4.3, as did Buy Buy Baby and Amazon.

Most customers loved the stroller for its sturdiness and well-built design but didn’t shy away from commenting on other features such as its high weight capacity and interchangeable wheel positions.

Take notice that there were negative reviews too, mostly about the seat not being long enough, resulting in their babies leaning forward unless reclined far enough.

Alternatives to the Summer Infant 3DLite

Some of you may decide the cons of this stroller outweigh the pros, rendering it useless, and that’s OK. Nothing is perfect and, as we’ve covered, the 3D Lite does have its disadvantages. If your needs just can’t forgive where it falls short, rest assured. We’ve compiled a few alternatives below, all with their own pros and cons considered.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus comes packed with multiple reclining positions, ample room for your child, and two cup holders instead of one. It is also easier to fold than the 3D Lite, showcasing a simple one-step process.

Just press the button as you push forward and viola, you’re all set.

The Kolcraft model may not have interchangeable wheel positions or as versatile reclining positions but it does shine in other areas, like the on-board baby tray and the price, which is cheaper than the Summer Infant model.

PROS compared to the 3D Lite:

  • Weighs less
  • Larger Canopy
  • Easier to fold
  • Costs less

CONS compared to the 3D Lite:

  • Tends to come unfolded
  • Doesn’t recline as far

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Pockit Lightweight

If the 3D Lite doesn’t seem like a great fit, consider the Pockit lightweight stroller.

It’s more compact than the 3D Lite, gaining it the 2014 Guinness World Record for Most Compact Stroller, folding down to an unbelievable 11.8” x 7” x 13.8 and weighing almost four pounds less at 9.5 pounds.

Because of the Pockit’s lightweight design this, of course, leads to some negatives. The canopy, for example, lacks significant size to offer adequate shade and the overall height can be short for taller individuals.

Still, with its award winning compact design, and being one of the lightest strollers on the market, the Pockit Lightweight stroller could be everything you’re looking for.

PROS compared to the 3D Lite:=

  • More compact
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Adjustable harness system
  • Weighs considerably less

CONS compared to the 3D Lite:

  • More expensive
  • No cup holder
  • Small Canopy

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Should you buy the Summer Infant 3DLite?

For new and seasoned parents, especially the travelers and wanderlusts, the Summer Infant 3D Lite could be the perfect addition to your arsenal. It can fit almost anywhere and weighs light enough that it won’t be a burden on your adventures.

Either way, a stroller is important, and proper research is a good tool to have before embarking on any trips.

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