Baby traveling in snow

Many parents are apprehensive about taking their babies to cold destinations or traveling during the winter months.

While really cold weather presents a few extra challenges, keep in mind that babies all over the world live in cold climates and taking your baby along is totally doable.

The key is to pack plenty of layers and keep your baby bundled up.

I’ve put together this list of must-have items for traveling with your baby during winter to help you get started!

The 10 items we recommend when traveling with a baby in the cold

1. A hot water bottle with a cover

Hot water bottles are an awesome way to keep your little one warm and cozy while you’re exploring your destination, and having a cover will ensure your little one won’t overheat or get burned.

The great thing about hot water bottles is you can use them pretty much anywhere, since you usually don’t have to go too far to find hot water.

Just hand the bottle to your toddler to hug, or stick one in your little one’s stroller, and they’ll stay warm even in super cold climates.

Our pick — Attmu Hot Water Bottle with Knit Cover

We love that the Attmu bottle doesn’t leak, and has extra insulation which keeps the water warm for longer than other bottles.

Its cute, sweater-like cover also provides a nice protective barrier for babies.

2. A stroller footmuff

If you’ve never traveled to a cold climate, you’ve likely never heard of a “footmuff.” But if you’re taking your baby with you into freezing temperatures, and bringing a travel stroller along, this is a must-have!

A stroller footmuff basically acts as a cozy sleeping bag for your little one, and helps keep them warm in super cold weather.

Footmuffs can be woven through your stroller’s shoulder straps, keeping your baby wrapped up without them (or the bag) slipping.

Our pick — 7AM Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution Footmuff

This footmuff is our absolute favorite for freezing temperatures, because it’s ultra-warm and cozy, with a built-in hood and a waterproof shell.

You can use the Enfant 212 with any stroller or car seat and it also converts into a big blanket!

3. A universal baby carrier cover

Covers for baby carriers function basically the same way as stroller footmuffs. They provide a protective shell to keep your little one protected from the cold, wind, and rain while you wear them.

Since your little one will be snuggled up against you (and carrying them is generally tougher than pushing them), carrier covers tend to be made of lighter material than stroller footmuffs.

If you’re going somewhere super cold and bringing a carrier, you’ll want to make sure you pick a cover that is thick enough for the climate.

Our pick — Bebamour Hoodie All Season Carrier Cover

The Bebamour Hoodie’s exterior fabric does a good job of keeping your baby safe and dry in the rain or snow, and the interior fleece lining keeps them warm and cozy.

We also love that it has a detachable hat and an extra pocket for storing items. It can also be snapped onto all types of carriers, including front, back, and hip carriers.

4. A weather shield for your stroller

Lots of strollers come with sunshades to protect your baby from UV rays. When you’re traveling to a cold climate, especially one with lots of rain or snow, you may want extra protection from the elements.

A weather shield can be a lifesaver in cold places! Typically made of strong and protective clear vinyl, they not only keep your little one warm, but also shield them from the wind, snow, and rain.

Our pick — Jeep Deluxe Stroller Weather Shield

This shield is perfect for traveling because it’s strong enough to protect your baby from harsh weather, but lightweight and foldable enough that it won’t take up a lot of extra space.

The clear material is easy to see out of, and it has netting on the sides to allow for proper airflow. You can use this shield with almost any stroller. You just have to unfold it and throw it over your stroller.

5. A sheepskin stroller liner

A sheepskin liner can be added to the seat of your stroller to provide an extra layer of insulation, warmth, and protection.

These liners can make a big difference in cold weather and wind, especially if your stroller’s seat is made of thin or breathable material that allows cold air to get through.

Sheepskin is sure to keep your baby warm, and it’s also hypoallergenic and machine washable.

Our pick — Bowron Babycare Baby Stroller Lambskin Fleece

We love the extra warmth and insulation this lambskin liner provides. Its shape makes it easy to use with almost any stroller. It’s also super soft, hypoallergenic, and healthy for the skin.

6. A baby bunting suit

You might want to think about bringing along a baby bunting suit to layer over other warm clothing for added warmth and protection.

These suits are typically made of fleece or waterproof material, and help keep your little one safe from the cold, rain, wind, and other elements.

Having one can also limit the number of extra cold weather accessories your baby needs to wear, since bunting suits usually cover their whole body and include a hood and fold-over hands and feet.

Our pick — Columbia Baby Tiny Bear II Bunting

This bunting suit is not only super warm and cozy, it’s also totally adorable! It comes in a bunch of colors, and has a hood and fold-over hand and foot mittens.

The zip-up design makes it super easy to put on and take off, and it’s not too big and puffy, so it won’t take up much extra space in your luggage.

7. Cold weather boots

Boots or booties designed to shelter your baby’s feet from the cold and rain are definitely a must-have for chilly destinations.

Boots are great for playing in the snow or rain, but even if your baby isn’t walking yet, a pair of lightweight, waterproof boots can help keep their feet warm and dry without adding too much weight or causing them to lose circulation.

Our pick — Stonz Three Season Baby Booties

These booties are lightweight and comfy, and can be worn with bare feet, socks, or over just about any shoe.
They have a nylon exterior with warm fleece lining to provide protection from the cold and wind. They’re pretty cute too, and tough to kick off, which is especially important in cold weather.

8. A cold weather hat

A warm hat is a super important cold weather item to add to your packing list. Hats don’t take up a lot of space, and they can make a huge difference in the snow, rain, or wind.

The right kind of hat will keep your baby’s head, ears, and neck protected from the cold, wind and other elements.

Our pick — Keepersheep Todder Baby Boys’ Ushanka

Ushanka hats are perfect for cold weather, especially when you have wind, rain, sleet, or snow to contend with.

The Keepersheep ushanka is made out of super thick polar fleece, which is nice and soft and completely protects your little one’s ears and neck with a hook and loop design so the hat won’t move around too much.

9. Cold weather mittens

Like boots and hats, mittens are an easy-to-pack and super important cold weather item. Babies’ hands are much more delicate than adults’, so you’ll want to make sure you have thick gloves for traveling in cold conditions.

We recommend packing a couple pairs of mittens or gloves for your little one. Depending on how secure the gloves are, they may end up outside of the stroller at some point. If you happen to lose one, having an extra pair is nice.

Our pick — Stonz Mittz Baby Infant Mittens

We love how warm, cozy, and secure these mittens are. They’re super easy to slide onto your baby’s hands, and the mittens are secured with adjustable toggles so they won’t slip off.

They’re also waterproof, which is awesome for playing in the rain and snow, and they come in multiple colors and two sizes.

10. Baby leg warmers

Leg warmers are an awesome way to add an extra layer of warmth and protection in cold weather, without a lot of extra bulk.

Leg warmers are a super versatile cold weather option, since you can typically slip them on over or under a pair of pants, and you can use an extra pair for your little one’s arms if they need a little extra warmth.

Our pick — Bowbear Baby & Toddler Leg Warmers

These leg warmers are made out of super comfy knitted material and come in a pack, so you can use them to keep your baby’s arms and legs warm at the same time.

Tip: Buy clothes from cold weather countries

When you’re shopping for cold weather clothing and gear for your baby, it’s often helpful to buy from countries that have really cold winters. For example, you can often find ushanka hats and other cold weather gear from Russian sellers.

Shopping from stores based in countries with cold climates is a great way to find awesome winter clothing and gear at an affordable price.

The bottom line

I hope you’ve found this list helpful in planning your winter adventure with your little one! As with any trip, it’s all about making sure you pack the right gear and plan ahead.

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below and share this article if you found it useful!

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